Has covid-19 impacted your employment?
If you have lost work due to COVID-19 and are interested in enrolling in short-term training or earning money while giving back to your community, you may be eligible for Pinellas Gives Back or Pinellas Training to Work.
Through the National Dislocated Worker Grant, CareerSource Pinellas connects job seekers with local non-profits for temporary, paid employment (Pinellas Gives Back) and/or paid, short-term training options (Pinellas Training to Work) at no cost. 

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Who Should Apply?

Pinellas Gives Back and Pinellas Training to Work candidates are required to meet Dislocated Worker criteria, as defined by WIOA statute, WIOA sec. 3(15). 

You may be eligible if you:

  • Are temporarily or permanently laid off as a consequence of COVID-19; or

  • Are a self-employed individuals who became unemployed or significantly underemployed due to COVID-19; or

  • Are a Long-term unemployed workers who have been unemployed 6 out of the past 13 weeks; or

  • Meet any other dislocated worker criteria as specified in WIOA statute.

Customer Assistance

For more information, call 727-524-4344. 

You can also contact a team member by emailing DWG@careersourcepinellas.com