Paid Work Experience

No Cost. All the Rewards.

Employ motivated young talent at no cost to your company! Through Paid Work Experience (PWE), CareerSource Pinellas helps businesses save money while providing young talent with the job-related training they need to succeed. PWE is designed to connect young adults to employers, with a focus on skill development for in-demand occupations. 

Employer benefits include:

  • Complete control over all hiring decisions
  • Pre-screening and pre-qualifying of candidates
  • Enhanced perspective – young talent bring fresh ideas and special strengths
  • Reimbursement of up to 100% of wages paid throughout the training period via employer’s payroll


  • Must meet Florida minimum wage requirements
  • Must be an entry-level position in a highly demanded occupation
  • Must adhere to applicable additional requirements
Always There. All the Way.

Our team of workforce representatives will work with you throughout the process and ensure your hiring needs are being met. Contact our representatives today!

EMPLOYERS interested in participating in Paid Work Experience, call Rebecca Kyker at (727) 608-2301 or e-mail

JOB SEEKERS interested in participating must be WIOA eligibleContact your local CareerSource Pinellas center to speak with a WIOA Representative or email