Ashan Spleen

Ashan Spleen is a veteran who dreams of working as an aircraft technician. He made his first steps towards this career by relocating to Florida from New York to attend the National Aviation Academy. While working towards his aircraft mechanic certification, Ashan found himself nearly homeless and in need of tuition assistance. During an outreach event hosted at the National Aviation Academy, students such as Ashan were able to connect with CareerSource Pinellas and learn about the various programs and services offered by the organization.

CareerSource Pinellas staff diligently worked with Ashan to provide him with two program years’ worth of tuition so that he could complete his education. He was also enrolled into the voluntary SNAP program and received transportation reimbursements for his training commute.

Since completing his training in 2015, Ashan had the wonderful opportunity to work on several contract roles with aircraft companies, including Lockheed Martin. In August 2016, he became employed full-time with Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation in Savannah, GA, earning a substantial salary of $65,000 per year as an Aviation Technician Inspector.

Ashan’s journey proves that regardless of someone’s circumstances, CareerSource Pinellas is here to help and provide assistance to take each person to the next level in his or her career.