Employability Skills Training

Employability Skills Training courses allow career seekers to build their resume, learn how to get the most out of Employ Florida Marketplace, build on their interview skills and gain some computer skills. And, best of all, these weekly courses are offered at no cost!

Calendars & Workshop Descriptions

St. Petersburg center
3420 8th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33711

March 2017

April 2017

Tyrone center
7701 22nd Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL 33710

March 2017

April 2017

Gulf to Bay center
2312 Gulf to Bay Boulevard
Clearwater, FL 33765

March 2017

April 2017

South Clearwater center
16432 US Highway 19 N.
Clearwater, FL 33764

March 2017

April 2017

Tarpon Springs center
St. Petersburg College Campus
Bilirakis Building, 682 E. Klosterman Rd.
​Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

March 2017

April 2017

Course Descriptions

Click here to download a printable version of the course descriptions.

Learn the basic functions of a computer, including hands-on tutorials for using a mouse. You will leave with confidence and the understanding of the basic concepts of a computer after this workshop!

*This workshop is offered in Spanish at our center on Gulf to Bay.

For job seekers that may have barriers to employment. Learn strategies to address and overcome those barriers. Learn about the Federal Bonding Program and sealing records. 

Learn how to develop skills employers’ value in the workplace and how soft skills can advance you in your career.

This is a targeted workshop for persons with disabilities. The orientation sessions provide information about resources, services and the tools provided by CareerSource to assist you in obtaining employment. Learn strategies to address and overcome barriers, what is a reasonable accommodation, and information on the Ticket to Work program.

This workshop is designed so that you can get the very most from this extremely important website. Learn how to do more successful job searches, how to get data on all types of positions, how to get your resume into the website that employers see, and how to get job alerts sent to you when a job that matches your skill set becomes available. You must have basic computer skills and your EmployFlorida.com log in!

*This workshop is offered in Spanish at our center on Gulf to Bay.

Learn the essential skills needed in the workplace and employer expectations. Topics also include handling conflict and employee pitfalls.

These are 5 different financial workshops covering the following topics: Borrowing Basics/To your Credit, Money Matters, Pay Yourself First, Keep it Safe and Financial Recovery. Specific workshops will be noted on each centers workshop calendar.>

This workshop is facilitated by Florida Master Money Mentors. Learn to budget on limited income. After the workshop receive free one on one financial coaching to help you take control of your financial life.

This hands-on workshop is for those who already have basic computer skills. Learn how to navigate the keyboard, create and format a document, save the document to the computer and then to upload the document to an internet application.

This dynamic seminar covers job seeking skills for today’s job market. Topic include changes in the employment market, the hidden job market, resumes for the 21st century and the #1 hiring characteristic all employers are looking for!

Learn the specific labor market information of your work search area and how to use this to target your job search. Find out the most in demand occupations and skills. Learn how to use EmployFlorida website labor market tools to get that job search advantage!

A hands-on workshop designed for individuals who already have a LinkedIn account. Learn how to effectively build your profile to use LinkedIn to your advantage. Must have computer skills and a LinkedIn account, and know your LinkedIn user name and password.

Hands on workshop to learn how to effectively apply for jobs online. Learn the importance of having a master application, how to read a job board and how to watch for scams. Practice completing a job application and uploading a resume.

An interactive workshop to prepare participants for job interviews. Learn how to thoroughly prepare for an interview, learn the 4 most common questions, how to introduce yourself in an interview, and how to develop and plan your post interview strategies.

This workshop will discuss the different types of resumes, the basic information required on a resume, and how to communicate effectively on your resume to maximize your chances of getting noticed.

A hands-on workshop to develop an effective resume based on your skills and background. Learn the basics of a targeted resume, the importance of using action verbs and how to save your resume to a flash drive or email. Must have basic computer skills to attend this workshop. Bringing a flash drive is encouraged but not required.

*This workshop is offered in Spanish at our center on Gulf to Bay.

Strategies On Achieving Re-employment. This very comprehensive workshop is 1 day a week for 4 weeks and will give you the confidence, strategies, and resources needed today! 

Learn about the different types of Social Media and the benefits of using social media as a tool in your job search and the importance of maintaining a professional online presence.

 For professionals with resumes that want to enhance their resume and get noticed. Learn what employers are looking for in resumes today, how to target your resume to an industry or occupation, creating a marketing plan for your job search and how to transition your skills to other opportunities.

Must bring two current copies of your resume to the workshop.


Job Hunting Video Series

The Job Hunting 101 is a video series assisting career seekers in gaining employment. The videos focus on topics; such as, appropriate interview attire, improving your interview skills, résumé writing and cover letters, work readiness, and information about your local center.

Click on the links below to watch each video. To view the 2012 Job Hunting Series videos, click here.

Video 1: Effective Job Search Techniques (Recorded February 2013)

Video 2: Job Search Mistakes (Recorded February 2013)

Video 3: Career Path Planning (Recorded March 2013)

Video 4: Doing Your Homework: How to Prepare for Your Interview (Recorded March 2013)

Video 5: Transitioning Careers (Recorded April 2013)

Video 6: Getting the Most Out of a Job/Career Fair (Recorded April 2013)

Video 7: Networking/Relationship Building (Recorded May 2013)

Video 8: How to Make Your Value Known (Recorded May 2013)

Video 9: Job Power (Recorded June 2013)

Video 10: Targeting Your Employment Transition (Recorded June 2013)

Video 11: Successfully Answering Common Interview Questions (Recorded July 2013)

Video 12: Utilizing Social Media for Job Hunting (Recorded August 2013)