Youth Connect Success Stories

"My participation in the Youth Connect program has been a great example of the program's dedication to the success of their students. Through this program, such things as receiving a GED diploma, completing vocational training and finding an internship and job opportunities became much easier and more streamlined. Without the Youth Connect assistance, it would have been much more difficult for me to achieve it all, if even possible." - Kathleen W.

"I’d like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to improve my employability skills with your workshop. The course was interesting as well as informative. I am now confident that with the skills I have learned will improve my chances of being employed at a job of my choosing." - Larry J.

"When looking toward my future, I am still uncertain. Much of the career-choosing process depends on my welding ability—that is, by the time I graduate; will I be a better stick, TIG, or pipe welder? This is something I have yet to discover, though my ultimate goal is to become a pipe welder. I am most appreciative for the financial aid provided by the Youth Connect program and their constant support. It has allowed me peace of mind in a time of frugal budgeting" - Jamie B.

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Youth Connect program. The aid that I receive helps me to better myself and my chances in the work field. As a young adult entering the world, I cannot express my gratitude for guiding me and helping with training as a Machinist. I hope to one day be able to work for myself and perhaps find my own way to pass on your help on to other people." - Tyler M.

"Youth Connect has helped me more then I could even imagine. I first talked to them when I was getting my GED. I had no goals or ambitions at that time. They guided me and helped to decide what occupation I wanted to pursue. With their assistance, I finished the Electrical program and got a good job in the field. They have changed my life so much. I don’t think I would have done it without them." - Chris C.

"Being a young adult without the support from parents or anyone, I thought no one would care for my future, until I met the Youth Connect staff at one of the adult education centers. They provided opportunities to further my education beyond my GED diploma, and rewarded every time I reached a goal, which encouraged me to work harder and accomplish more. Immediately after getting my GED, I worked one on one with my case manager who helped me to choose the right path for my future and assisted with training costs. Their Paid Work Experience program gave me a great opportunity to put to practice my knowledge, learn even more, and to earn income. Nowadays, I still keep the same job, performing very well and I’ve accomplished what I wanted at the beginning. I completed my GED, earned a technical degree, was trained for my dream job, and found a job I like doing every day. I am in charge of a middle-size company computer network, electronics design and troubleshooting. It was all possible thanks to each and everyone at Youth Connect." - Luis

"Before I got into the Youth Connect program I didn’t have my GED or a job. I tried to do it on my own, but it was just too hard. At times I felt like giving up on everything. Things changed when I met the Youth Connect staff, who has motivated me, supported me through my GED test preparation and helped with transportation. I was nervous to take the test but my Youth Coordinator has encouraged me to do it and I passed it the first time." - Mary T.

"I believe that the Youth Connect program has been greatly beneficial to me since I first started my journey to becoming a skilled construction worker. My Youth Coordinator helped me a great deal in giving the information that I needed to be able to take the classes. I appreciate the counsel that she provided me to get the education I need. The program helped make it affordable for me to get to school. I also appreciate the efforts of the Youth Employment Specialists that took the time and initiative to help me in my endeavor to become a skilled construction worker. They have truly helped me in getting a job. They helped me to find a job in the field before I had even graduated. I have completed my work experience with a great deal of success. And I am looking forward with great certainty that I will be successful in accomplishing my goal of being a skilled construction worker thanks to the caring efforts of those in the Youth Connect program." - Justin D.

"I want to express my deepest gratitude for all the help that you gave me during my time at Culinary Arts and continuing assistance after graduation. I appreciate the time and effort that was taken to help me with the job seeking techniques, and the efforts that were made to help me find employment. I am very happy at William Dean Chocolates and I hope to continue my employment here." - Autumn G.

"Youth Connect has played such a vital role in my education. From supporting me financially through tuition, books, uniforms and transportation, to emotional support as well. You were very kind and flexible with me and didn’t treat me as another number in the system. Thank you for fighting for me and helping reach my dreams of becoming a nurse. It’s because of you that I will strive to be a great nurse." - Rebecca G.

"I thank Youth Connect for helping me get a new job at Sam’s Club Tire Service Center. I didn’t even have to ask for help and they made it a priority to get me in the door. Youth Connect staff was dedicated throughout the whole process and never let it up on the HR department. I am very appreciative of the help they have given me to get a start in the industry I am trying to pursue. I wasn’t sure I was ever going to get a new job, but Youth Connect was very quick and made it easy for me." - Shawn C.

"Thank you so much for every opportunity you have given me. My goals are so clear now. You have pushed me in the right direction. Without your help I would have never been able to succeed in the LPN program. The services you provide help so many. Thank you for the support you give me every time I come to your office. This program is such a blessing. I feel so lucky to be a part of it." - Stephanie S.

"The Youth Connect Program has given me the confidence to go farther and have hope for a better future. I now have the skills and knowledge to create a better life, not only for myself, but my 1-year old son as well. I am definitely glad to have been a part of this program and would recommend it to anyone else who has a desire for a positive change, who seeks knowledge, education, and better opportunities! With everything I have gained, I cannot wait to get out there and start working and utilizing the skills I’ve learned to better myself and my life!" - Angelique P.