Youth Services

As part of our Youth Services, it is our goal to help youth plan and achieve their educational goals and secure employment. Below is a list of our current youth programs offered through CareerSource Pinellas:

Youth Connect is for students who are at-risk of dropping out of school, or who have already dropped out and are looking to get their GED. The program is designed to provide a range of services and resources to assist you in completing school or training - some of which may include career counseling, assistance with educational costs, alternative education, school dropout prevention and job placement services. Click here for more.

STEM TEC: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Training for Emerging Careers
Are you one that likes to tinker with toys to figure out how they works? Do you love nature? How about computers? Are you 14-17 years of age? To keep the U.S. labor force competitive, greater numbers of students need to gain advanced math and science knowledge. An expanding economy demands growth of the STEM labor force and greater capacity for innovation and creativity. Click here for more information.

The Pinellas Technical Careers Pre-Apprenticeship Program is designed exclusively in preparing students to succeed in skilled trades through the development of strong technical and academic foundations. The intense hands-on training gives graduates a jumpstart in meeting the high industry standards that you face when starting your new job – most at high rates of pay! For details, click here.

Job Corps is the nation’s largest residential employment and education training program for economically challenged youth, ages 16 to 24. Established in 1964, Job Corps is administered by the United States Department of Labor. The Job Corps program has trained and educated 1.9 million young people, and serves nearly 70,000 young Americans nationwide each year. To learn more click here.